Last Judgement - The End of Ages

God the Father has planned a Righteous Judgement and has warned about it through the Word of God. Behold, the time of the Last Judgement has come.

Last Judgement - The End of Ages

Last Judgement - The End of Ages

God the Father has planned a Righteous Judgement and has warned about it through the Word of God. Behold, the time of the Last Judgement has come. The days when the wheat will be gathered in the barn and chaff burnt up are near! The time when man is judged according to his deeds is not far!

The Righteous Judge, the Son of Man has come again in flesh. What is remaining is His Glorious Manifestation. Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) is about to appear to give reward to the righteous ones of God and punishment to the sinners who opposed God (Rev. 22/12-13, Is. 40/9-10). When the cry of command is heard and the archangel's call and the sound of God's trumpet resounds, both the dead and the living will be brought before the Throne of God to receive the reward for all that they did through their body (1 These. 4/16, Mt. 25/31-34, 41, Ecl. 12/13-14, 1 Pet. 4/5).

Who are the ones that will be separated to stand on the left side of the Jesus Christ in order to be eternally damned? They are the ones who felt ashamed of the Words of God written in the Holy Bible (Lk. 9/26) and did not obey these Words of God in their lives (Mt. 7/21-23) and who did not stretch their helping hand to the “little brethren” of Jesus Christ. These little brethren are the members of the “little flock” who are chosen from the Beginning to conform to the likeness of Jesus Christ and who believe in Jesus Christ who comes again in flesh and in the Name Emmanuel and who are his family members (Mt. 25/44-45). Jesus Christ did not equate himself with the poor people of this world, but with His brethren, who are born from God the Father (Heb. 2/11) and obey His Words (Mt. 12/49-50) and who are his co-heirs (Rom. 8/15-17).

Whom does Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) keep on his right side? They are not the ones who led a ‘good’ life on this earth as per the standards of this world. Instead, they are the ones who felt proud of the Word of God and obeyed it and helped “these little ones of the family members of Jesus Christ (Mt. 25/40).

God the Father always separates good from evil. This separation by God began in the Beginning when He separated the Light from darkness. With this final separation that Emmanuel does in the Last Judgement, the process of separation that God began in the Beginning comes to a conclusion.

The brethren of Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) to whom the Kingdom has been given, will also sit in thrones and judge people (Lk. 12/32, Lk. 22/29-30). They  will also judge the cursed angels (2 Cor. 6/2-3). In fact, God created His Children to have dominion over the creatures He has made, and rule the world in holiness and righteousness, and pronounce judgment in uprightness of soul (Ws. 9/2-3).

The whole world will know and confess that God is Righteous and His Judgements are true and righteous. It is God’s righteousness that His Children destroy satan, who deceived and robbed them of all that God had given them (Gen. 1/26-28, Sir. 17/3-4, Ws/ 2/23). It is the righteousness of God to bring the devils under the feet of the Children of God and destroy them (Rom. 16/20). It is the righteousness of God for Creation to fight for the Children of God and the created things to forgo their nature so that the righteous are fed (Ws. 16/17, 16/23). It is the righteousness of God for Creation to align with its Creator to destroy the evil ones. It is the righteousness of God to make these evil ones to see and acknowledge that God the Father whom they had before refused to know is the True God (Ws. 12/26-27, Sir. 34/4-6). It is the righteousness of God to punish those who persecute the Children of God (1 Thes. 1/6-7).

Behold, the End of Ages is near! The Day of the Lord when the earth is burnt up and the heavens will be set ablaze and dissolved is near! (2 Pet. 3/10-12). The Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ have taken place. The Signs of the End of Ages are taking place before our eyes. We who see all these things must realize that Jesus Christ (Emmauel) has come at the Gate (Mt. 24/32-35).

When Word of God through which everything was created and sustained, is withdrawn all the created things will be destroyed (2 Pet. 3/5-7, Heb. 12/25-27). Thus the Word of God who is the Creator becomes the Destroyer (The Beginning and the End – Rev. 21/6). God’s all-powerful Word, a stern Warrior carrying the sharp sword of God’s authentic command, will fill all things with death (Ws. 18/14-16). Behold the days when God wipes away everything from the face of the earth are near! (Zeph. 1/2-5). It is written that the present earth and the heavens that is under the dominion of sin will disappear (Mt. 5/18).

On the glorious and fearsome Day of the Lord, when the Sun will be covered with darkness and the powers of heavens shake, those who are gathered and protected by God the Father on Mount Zion will endure and overcome this (Joel 2/31-32). Even when the earth and the heavens shake He will be their protective tower and refuge (Joel 3/16). So God is calling His Children and all people to repent and return to Him before doom falls on them (Zeph. 2/1-3).

Behold, Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) annihilates all power, rule and authority and presents the Kingdom to God the Father (1 Cor. 15/24). He will destroy the Antichrist, all His enemies and the causes of evil and annihilate the last enemy that is death, and will carry His beloved ones to the ends of the heavens and to the New Earth (1 These. 4/17, Jn. 14/1-3).

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