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Emperor Emmanuel Church, or Zion, is a Christian centre of worship located in Muriyad Panchayat, Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Zion's mission is to preach the good news of the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to prepare God's people for the same.
People from many parts of Kerala, from other states and even from different parts of the world flock to Zion to hear the gospel.
Therefore, a multitude of people live around this place of worship, believing in the second coming of the Son of God.
Zion, which is the succession of prophetic and apostolic missions is not under the authority of other Christian churches or systems.
Why is it named Emperor Emmanuel?
The new name that the Son of God will receive at his return is Emmanuel. (Isaiah: 7:14)
The second coming of Jesus Christ is not to atone for sin, but to become the King of kings. The king of kings is called EMPEROR in English. EMMANUEL who is the EMPEROR is Emperor EMMANUEL.
(Hebrews 9:28, Rev:19:16). That is, he has come again in the name, Emperor Emmanuel. In short, this system of Zion has been established to receive the Son of God at his return and prepare a people for him and it is called after him as "Emperor Emmanuel Church".

Why is Emperor Emmanuel Church called the Church of Light?
When Holy Mother appeared at Mexico in 1990, Holy Mother said that "at the second coming of the Son of God, the Church of Light will arise suddenly, which will be formed for Him all over the world." God calls this church community as the church of light because they believe and is ready to receive Emmanuel, who is the light and has come again in flesh.
Why is it called as ZION?
Zion is the name of the place where the palace and fortress of King David of the Jews, stood in ancient Israel. That is, Zion is the fortress captured by David. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was born in the lineage of David.
The word of God says:
For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for his habitation: (Psalm 132:13)
But he did not dwell in an abode called Zion, two thousand years ago. He who was born in a manger, died at Calvary.
But at his second coming he will come to Zion as a redeemer, to those in Jacob who have turned from their transgressions.' (Isaiah 59:20)
Therefore, according to the prophetic writings, the second coming of the Son of God is to Zion, that is, to the family of David. God has prepared this divine system as a dwelling place in second coming for the Son of God in Muriyad, Kerala. That is why this system is called Zion.

For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for his habitation: This is my resting place for ever; here I will dwell, for I have desired it.

Psalms 132:13-14

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