The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring the Good News to the afflicted.

Isaiah 61:1

Who is The Messenger

A messenger of the good news to be proclaimed in the end times. The Messenger of the Good News, who preached the good news of the Kingdom of God, which will be preached to all peoples, languages, tribes, and nations of the whole world in the last days. The prophet of the Most High who is sent before the Son of God to prepare his way for the second coming, He who will come as a savior to Zion. The One who has prepared a group of people that will turn away from all impurities and increasing evils, by becoming pure, blameless and holy, waiting eagerly for the Son of God the Savior, like the wise bridesmaids for the bridegroom.

He who revealed the divine secrets that were kept hidden for ages, the signs of time which the disciples sought regarding the end of age and his coming on the mount of Olive, who revealed the sealed Word of God that was kept hidden for last time, and the heavenly secrets which Holy Mother made known at her apparitions in many places on the earth, with authoritative hold given by God over the Word of God. The one who spoke plainly about the coming of The heavenly Father and the glory of God the Father, whom this world thought was formless. The One who made known the Most Holy Name of God the Father whose name was not revealed to any generation until now. Joseph Ponnar, the messenger of the covenant, who proclaimed the message of salvation, eternally restored the covenant made by the Father to his children in Zion by promising a savior, to make the children enter into the prosperity that was lost in Eden.

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